Local Link Posters


Designed by Brian McCartan at TOTEM

Illustrator: Rob Torrans

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Civic

Tags: Poster

Social exclusion and low levels of integration are the issues addressed by Local Link – a bus service connecting towns and villages across rural Ireland under the direction of the National Transport Authority.

Local bus travel is a lifeline for those who live rurally, many with no local bus service available to them. Being able to get out and about is a vital way to stay part of the local community.

TOTEM were appointed to assist in raising awareness of the service and its routes. Our brief was to evoke classic 1950s Irish travel posters that would fuel the imagination and inspire a sense of adventure, in a cluttered marketplace, among their target audiences.

Research of the various rural areas was key to this project. Identifying the well-known characteristics and landmarks of each location.

Working with illustrator Robert Torrans, we designed a collection of vintage inspired posters. Tailored typography was created for each individual poster, reflecting the personality of the illustration and location. Bespoke taglines also tell the story of each location, further depicting the desired sense of adventure. The call to action lock-up remains uniform on each poster, reinforcing the Local Link brand, while allowing the posters to work individually or as part of a set.