Locks Restaurant


Designed by Shane O'Riordan (Freelance)

Art Director: Laurence O'Byrne

Photographer: Christopher Lindhorst

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Typography

With new ownership in place, a well-established neighbourhood restaurant in the heart of Dublin was in desperate need of a rebrand.


The challenge of the identity was to bring to life the three key unique traits of the restaurant -

* Its iconic location on Dublin’s Portobello canal

* Its obsession with craft across execution and produce

* Its new art gallery offering 


These unique traits were an instant inspiration. Being a neighbourhood restaurant is very important to the owners, they take this role in the area very seriously and in turn if felt natural that the location would be the starting point. To pay homage to the location, I took the section of canal that the restaurant resides along and painted this in vibrant blue to represent the waterway – this handcrafted, organic painted treatment also tied in with their new art offering. Taking the two locks between which the restaurant sits, and overlapping these, I created an ‘X’ icon, this also acted as a marker for the restaurant’s location along this stretch of water. The vibrant orange used in the ‘X’, was drawn from the beak of the iconic canal swans that grace the waterway in front of the restaurant.