Love Seoul


Designed by David Smith at Atelier David Smith

Illustration: David Smith

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster

The ‘special project’ is an central part of the Annual AGI congress programme. The theme for last year’s project was LOVE. The Korean organising committees proposed it as a topical theme of great relevance and one that suits the venue and location of the congress.

Their brief was “We are kindly asking all participants for this year’s special project to LOVE SEOUL. Our eventual goal is that Seoul becomes a city where actually many residents and visitors can easily see, know and catch. A city that we can become closer with. We also hope Seoul becomes a city where everyone continues to love in their own ways. We seek now to look back on our city now through YOUR loving eyes. To see Seoul through different perspectives and perhaps to learn ourselves, how one can love a city as well. I love Seoul.”

My response was to celebrate Paju Book City, a city in the Seoul Metropolitan region that was created as a centre of book design, book production and publishing. It is a unique centre of commerce and of education. A bibliocentric paradise, if you will. As a small conceit I recycled our design of the official “Love Stamp” published by An Post in February 2016… the month I first visited Seoul.