Lovely Day For A Visit


Designed by Kathi Burke (Freelance) with The Tenth Man, Hen's Teeth and Diageo

Plantlife Integration: The Garden

3D Production: Flying Elephant

Plush Craft: Flock Studio

Event Production: Archetype

PR & Strategy: Wilson Hartnell

Categories: Promotional / Environmental / Print / Experience / Object / Prop

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Illustration / Typography / Visual art / Campaign / Fashion / Festival / Art

I was invited to collaborate with Guinness in 2023 and was given my dream brief to design a summer-themed activation inside the Guinness Storehouse.

The journey took visitors from a lush and musical park scene up to a colourful beach promenade and into a garden in the Gravity bar. The entire installation saw hundreds of my individual designs printed, hand-crafted, and customised to tell a story of curiosity and sunlight as part of Guinness' 2023 "Lovely Day for a Visit" activation.

I illustrated and designed the campaign in my visual language, influenced by Guinness' history of tongue-in-cheek taglines and bold imagery. The designs extended to merchandise, swimwear and accessories, figurines and inflatables. Additionally, interior prop designs, including a piano, a boombox DJ booth, and a gazebo stage, were integrated to enhance the ambience for Storehouse's summer events, featuring performances by acclaimed acts like Kelis and Bicep.

The suite of illustrations and spatial design worked together to create a unique experience in the Storehouse, which extended beyond the building to influence Guinness' festival activations and merchandise design for the brand's 2023 summer campaign.