LSAD Graduate Show (2013)

2013 Selection

Designed by Eamon Spelman at Limerick School of Art & Design

Designer: Bridey Halliday-Sagar

Designer: Mairead Connolly

Tutor: Eamon Spelman

Tutor: Adrian Byrne

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural / Education

Each year, final-year students from the Visual Communications course at the Limerick School of Art and Design develop a design strategy for the LSAD Graduate Show. In 2013, fellow students Mairead Connolly and Bridey Halliday-Sagar developed the concept of ‘Odyssey’. The visual identity was formed from two shapes – one mirrored the image from the outside, representing the students’ journey here at LSAD; and the other was made up of abstract colours, representing the journey yet to come. Each discipline was then assigned their own personal identity. The design strategy was taken across various media in both screen and print, including a show catalogue, a poster series and invites, as well as online video content, an integrated website and connected social media.