LSAD Graduate Show (2015)

Designed by Joe Lane, Amy O'Donnell and Theresa Phelan at Limerick School of Art & Design

Tutor: Eamon Spelman

Tutor: Adrian Byrne

Project Coordination & Design Production: Joe Lane

Production Design: Kathy Lees

Production Design: Elaine Ryan

Production Design: Dalian Rynne

Website Development: Little Blue Studio

Categories: Promotional / Identity / Print / Website

Industry: Cultural


Each year, final-year students from the Visual Communications course at the Limerick School of Art and Design develop a design strategy for the LSAD Graduate Show. In 2015 the central concept behind the show was the idea of ‘ON’ which was derived from the energy and creativity of the LSAD graduate students. The show is the highlight of the academic year, ‘ON’ communicated the ignition and beginning of the event.

The design strategy was taken across various media in both screen and print, including a social media campaign, a poster series, e-invites, show catalogue, outdoor advertising and online video content. In 2015 LSAD also launched an online presence for the graduate show and for future shows. The visual archiving of work on this new digital platform enables LSAD to showcase the work of graduates, to connect with future students, alumni, prospective employers and commissioners, and also promotes and acknowledges the standard and diversity of LSAD graduates. The dynamic nature of the platform creates a comprehensive record of Fine Art and Design activity at LSAD, facilitating the display of the broad and wide-ranging practice of graduates and the sharing of this practice to a national and international audience well into the future.