2021 Selection

Designed by Deirdre Breen and Eimear Gavin at Manual Made

Animation: Emmet O Riabhaigh

Categories: Promotional / Identity / Exhibition / Social Media

Industry: Education


We were approached by Limerick School of Art and Design to name and create the visual identity for their 2021 online graduate showcase. Each year, the showcase is an opportunity for students, staff, and the school to celebrate the output and creative work of the LSAD graduates. In what was a turbulent and challenging year, we knew that the name needed to be a call to action.

RALLY is a name that inspires as both a verb and a noun. To rally is to rouse from dejection and come together to renew an effort, a tribute to the students perseverance in rebounding, adapting and succeeding in a testing and adverse time. To rally also means to meet in mass to show support for a cause. This was an ongoing characteristic of the collective student spirit, which culminated in the online celebration of a cohesive community that had come a long way together. The name LSAD RALLY is a call to action that is strong, political and celebratory.

As the showcase was a digital event only, we wanted the colours to reflect this new method of dissemination. We employed saturated RGB’s in a bold colour palette that's loud and impossible to miss.

The logo is based around the idea of amplifying your voice and the voice of others through your work. This sentiment is brought to life through an assertive, characterful wordmark that starts off quietly and gets progressively louder. There’s a nod to protest flags and signs, drawing inspiration from the plainspoken, powerful and unforgettable typographic vernacular of design for dissent.