MA FC 2020

2020 Selection

Designed by Geri Dempsey (Freelance)

Jessica Gianelli: Photography

Silvana Trevale: Photography

Raminta Ceponyte: Photography

Geri Dempsey: Art Direction

Stephanie Francis Shanahan: Photography

Categories: Printed Publication / Identity / Editorial

Industry: Education

Tags: Fashion / Print / Identity

MA FC — The Masters in Fashion Communication at Central Saint Martins

The course at CSM consists of three very unique pathways: Fashion Image, Fashion Critical Studies and Fashion Journalism. The simple typographic identity of MA FC 2020 began with the logo, which came from the habit of students shortening the name of the course and pathways.

For the first time a publication was produced to showcase all 3 pathways together. “The Portfolio” presented a sample of work from the 27 students on the course. Large glossy full bleed images were chosen to allow the FI work to have maximum impact with FJ and FCS being entirely text. Ensuring each pathway was presented separately, without mixing imagery and text, and keeping the text pages lively was the challenge. Across 44 pages utilising space was a priority. Grids were used resourcefully to display the maximum amount of text per page along with typographic titles to indicate sections. The ‘CSM’ red added depth on top of the simple black and white, to ensure the design would not overpower the content. Bio sections were displayed neatly below each contributor’s work to allow readers to find and contact each student.

With a lack of graduate show or in person experience the purpose of the publication was to launch the students into the industry. The course concluded with the MA FC Evening, which featured a variety of students presenting and discussing their work in innovative ways. It was streamed on Twitch to allow viewers to interact with presenters during the hour-long experience.