mac-interiors website

Designed by Rhys Jenkins, Gavan Duffy and Eleanor Jameson at Open

Categories: Website

Industry: Corporate


mac-interiors most certainly leads from the front in their industry and has an impressive track record for delivering ambitious and high-profile fit-out projects. In an effort to continue to grow the business and to serve customers in a wider range of sectors we were tasked to evolve their online presence with a ground-breaking website.

Through strategic UX and user-testing, our concept of introducing HD Filmmaking as a point of difference was clearly a route to gaining an experience for a would-be developer/company of what one of the mac-interior project spaces could really feel like. Slow camera views and transitions to specific detailing i.e. finishes and green tech, were essential client requirements.

The brief in this instance required two key elements to work seamlessly together, namely, high-resolution video married with full-width responsiveness throughout. In addition to this, because of the volume of project visuals and operating size of the various video feeds and images, it was essential to keep the site trim and fast-running within the coding where possible. Navigation issues on bigger sites like this were avoided by introducing large access points to category pages on the homepage along with the side-nav and a flow to information architecture that keeps transitioning from page to page as easy as possible.