Designed by Caoimhe O'Byrne at Freelance

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Art direction / Photography


Madden is a boutique post-production studio based in New York. Specializing in retouching and strategic photographic styling of images for the fashion industry, luxury brands, high-end products and advertising campaigns. Founded by Jamie Saunders Madden, who has a background in Art Photography and has worked as a leading retoucher at top post-production studios for the past decade.

The nature of the retouching industry is to be ‘behind the scenes’. It is an essential step in the creative process of producing imagery that is rarely praised or even acknowledged­ — apart from occasionally in a derogatory fashion. We know it is there but, it is not tangible and we can not glorify or celebrate it.

The concept for Madden is Silent Noise. The brand is loud in its presence, but due to its transparency or white on white manifestation, feels ghostly in nature. Photographers don’t want an image to look manipulated and retouching works best when it's unnoticed. It’s the discreet final adjustments to an image that takes it to the high standard required.

Photography by Zoe Grossman, Jamie Nelson, Rich Gilligan, and Ali Sharaf. Retouching by Jamie Saunders Madden.