Making A Show

2017 Selection

Designed by Keith Moran, Luke McLaughlin, Brian Lambert and Nola Mellon

Designer: Nola Mellon

Photographer: Gillian Buckley

Tutor/Project Management Adviser: Louise Reddy

Tutor: Clare Bell

Tutor: Brenda Dermody

Tutor: Peter Maybury

Exhibition Coordinator: Peter Mac Cann

Categories: Printed Publication / Identity / Print / Publication / Editorial

Industry: Corporate

The essence of Making a Show was not only to celebrate students of D.I.T but also to showcase the journey and the process of our education in D.I.T. As previous years focused on the future of what lies ahead after college has ended, we created a celebration of the journey and the process of how we got to where we are now. “Making a Show” is an Irish phrase, it’s distinctive to where we are, it uses colloquial language in a tongue in cheek manner. Every element of this project was taken from what we are doing, and what is around us. Making a Show isn’t designed to be flashy. It is designed with meaning. The whole identity of the project is derivative of what is around us. From the logo taking form from the exposed brickwork in D.I.T's Grangegorman North House, to the books in the slipcase reflecting the amalgamation of all the courses in D.I.T’s Dublin School of Creative Arts, operating both separately and collectively.