Mal Journal Issues 1–4

2019 Selection

Designed by Steve O Connell at Feeld and Mal

Editor: Maria Dimitrova

Illustrators: Franz Lang, Ana Kirova, Yi Xiao Chen, Birdie Hall

Logo Design: Dimo Trifonov

Art Direction: Ana Kirova

Print: Roprint, Sofia

Typefaces: Weiss Roman, Priori Serif, Plantin Infant, ITC Souvenir, Lyon Text, Volte

Photography: Myles Shelly

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Typography

Mal (short for malcontent) is a journal of sexuality and erotics created to showcase ‘the bad content that is good writing’ and thus called for a distinctive approach to its design; emphasising its literary, esoteric nature and setting it aside from its glossy, image-led counterparts.

Each issue focuses on a specific theme, uniting short stories, poetry and non-fiction through disparate perspectives on a single topic. To reflect this, every issue employs a signature spot colour, textured paper stock and display typeface, each in some way exploring the issue’s theme; often from a counterintuitive position. For example, hot pink was chosen to represent the theme of botany, while the nostalgic forms of ITC Souvenir were selected to announce a series of poems about the abuses of Eric Gill. This tension between meaning and presentation invites readers to dig deeper and question their initial reactions.

A single illustrator is also selected per issue and briefed to investigate the theme through their own unique lens.

228 × 148 mm, softcover