2014 Selection

Designed by Jamie Murphy at The Salvage Press

illustration: Simon Brett

lettering: Frances Breen

binding: Tom Duffy

typesetting: Louis Scully

type casting: The Whittington Press

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Illustration / Letterpress


This book is a new translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic from 991 AD. It has been designed, typeset by hand & letterpress printed by Jamie Murphy, with much grateful assistance from Louis Scully. Simon Brett has designed & engraved the illustrations, which have been printed from the original wood blocks. The calligraphic titles have been printed from magnesium plates after designs by Frances Breen.

The type has been set in 12 & 18 point Monotype Caslon Old Face (series 128), superbly cast into founts by Neil Winter at The Whittington Press. Printed on Zerkall 170gsm mouldmade.

15 De Luxe, 45 standard and 5 sets of collated sheets account for the 65 books printed.