Mantain - Brand Identity


Designed by Colm O'Connor at Colm O'Connor Studio

Categories: Website / Print / Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Poster / Typography / Digital / Art direction / Retail / Fashion

Visual identity for Mantain, an online marketplace for premium men's grooming products and closely related goods.

Mantain approached us to help with their plans for growth in the online men's grooming sector. It was early stages for Mantain but they already had an existing logo which was quite similar to brands in that area. It was simple and clean but it didn't convey the premium quality of the products that they sell, or differentiate them enough in an already saturated market.

We developed a new brand identity that taps into the heritage of men's grooming products and stands apart from its competitors. The choice of colour palette and typographic treatment suggests premium quality, reliability and experience. It's distinctive and established. Mantain isn't following a trend.

As well as the visual identity we also gave guidance for the look and feel of the website and online marketing materials.