Markievicz Sports & Fitness Centre 20 Years


Designed by John O'Brien and Barry McLaughlin at Source

Project Manager: Barry McLaughlin

Categories: Promotional / Environmental / Signage

Industry: Civic

Tags: Advertising / Sports, Fitness & Leisure

2020 marked the 20th birthday of Dublin City Council's Markievicz Sports & Fitness Centre in the heart of Dublin's city centre. To mark this achievement, and in giving-back mode, the management of the fitness centre provided free adult swimming lessons throughout the year. A creative campaign was created to celebrate this milestone, and promote the year-long offer. When developing the creative, the design team was keen to make the visual communication as inclusive as possible, arriving at an illustrative style that represents male and female participants in a simplistic, minimal and playful way. Supported with a call-to-action to 'Take the plunge', with our willing participants immersed to the waist, the final communication is both engaging and immediate. (While designed pre-Covid, this was subsequently subject to the Covid safety restrictions)

In addition, a celebratory logo was also developed as part of the communication campaign. The logo design uses simple, fluid shapes that interact with the wording within the logo in a non-static way suggesting movement and motion.