Material Laboratories (2022)

In 2022, The National Sculpture Factory introduced a new thread to their programming titled ‘Material Laboratory’, with the intention of holding workshops and lectures that focus on materials and medium specific practices. The first series in the programme focussed on glass and was titled ‘Kiln It’. 

We were asked to create a digital campaign to promote the entire programme, elements of which could be extracted and used for each laboratory throughout the year. Each series would focus on a different material – ceramics, wood, metal, etc. Given the three dimensional focus of the programme and the National Sculpture Factory in general, we sought to create something sculptural and distinctive that would celebrate the raw material of each series. The motion pieces we created for the teaser campaign did this through 3d renderings of the different materials which combined to form a cube/hexagon, referencing the new brand identity recently designed by Detail.

For the printed flyer and foldable poster, we printed single colour on both sides of tracing paper to mimic the glass material. The semi-transparent paper created a layered, ethereal visual which juxtaposed with the information outlining the upcoming programme of activity.