Matthew Hilton (2011)

2011 Selection

Designed by Dan Flynn at Spin

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Website designed for furniture and product designer Matthew Hilton. Matthew started his business in 2007 to gain control of the design, manufacturing and marketing of furniture under his own name. Feeling that the conventional relationship between designer, manufacturer and retailer was undergoing significant changes, partly brought on by the shifts caused by the internet and developments in fast global communication and trade, the time was right for taking hold of a more significant part of the process of putting furniture out into the world. Matthew Hilton Limited was formed with a new kind of licensing deal with the Portuguese company De La Espada.

De La Espada bring craftsmanship and experience of using premium materials combined with advanced manufacturing technology and innovative marketing methods. Since the launch in 2007 Matthew’s collection has grown and he now has a small, focused design studio. Product development thrives on modern manufacturing combined with knowledge and hand skills.