ME & EU — Postcard


Designed by John-Paul Dowling at National College of Art and Design

Creator: Nathan Smith

Creator: Sam T Smith

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural


ME & EU is a collection of postcards written and designed by creatives that were sent across Europe as a means to reconnect the United Kingdom with the EU in the wake of brexit.

On 23rd June 2016, 51.9 percent of UK citizens voted to withdraw from the European Union. The weeks following this referendum brought a global sense of division and disconnect as people evaluated their response and as voters of both ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ imagined the possibilities of a post-EU Britain. ME & EU is one such response.

At a time of introspection, ME & EU aspired to look outwards, to reach beyond island shores and reconnect. And as the British government formally triggered article 50 of the treaty on the European union, 116 postcards were mailed out across all 27 EU countries.

The ME & EU postcards provided an intimate medium for individuals wishing to remain in touch to express their message visually: many are quiet, personal, and heartfelt, others are dissenting and defiant. But together they form a powerful and passionate voice with an underpinning spirit of humour and positivity. Collectively, they’re a visual narrative of a country in transition.

It was subsequently published as a book by Common Practices.