Mental Health Reform Animations


Designed by Jack McKeon at Piquant Media

Categories: Moving Image / Social Media / Screen

Industry: Civic

Tags: Illustration / Digital / Social

Mental Health Reform (MHR) is Ireland’s leading national coalition on mental health. They advise on mental health policy development, conduct research into good practices and advocate for improvements in mental health services. In 2023, we worked with Mental Health Reform to create two animated videos plainly explaining recent legislation changes that protect those with mental health difficulties and how to easily access resources available. The first video outlined the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the second video outlined the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act.

The information and resources in the videos were simply communicated through 2D character/illustration-driven animations. Typography was used sparingly to make the videos increasingly accessible to those who may not speak fluent English. Looping textures were added to the characters to give them a sense of warmth, tactility and approachability. The characters' hands, in conjunction with additional on-brand illustrations, were used to literally and figuratively offer a helping hand and point viewers to the resources available to those with mental health difficulties.

Dynamic transitions between the illustrations were used to keep viewers engaged and make acronyms or unfamiliar legal jargon as accessible as possible. MHR's brand colours were also an important narrative factor. The palette shifted from the greys to the pink/orange tints to highlight the shift in mood from confusion and frustration to one of clarity and respect.

By highlighting the support and resources available to those who struggle with mental health difficulties, the stigma surrounding the topic is further reduced and allows those with mental health difficulties to lead independent, self-determined lives.