Merry Little Christmas (2021)


Designed by Chris Fullam and Noelle Cooper at Unthink

Illustration: Ruan Van Vliet

Copywriting: Laura Woulfe

Categories: Promotional / Moving Image / Social Media / Screen

Industry: Civic

Tags: Illustration / Digital / Campaign / Social / Wellness

As COVID-19 cases began to rise again in time for Christmas 2021, the Department of Health wanted to remind young adults to keep an eye on their contacts. In a bid to remain positive, the phrase ‘Have Yourself a Merry LITTLE Christmas’ was adopted to guide the campaign. 

The Department of Health sought public feedback on previous campaigns and a couple of earlier posts were reworked to reflect this. Colours more traditionally associated with Christmas were used although the tones remained fresh to attract a younger audience. We were asked to specifically encourage vaccination and ventilation in line with current public health guidelines. Ruan’s playful illustrations, simple animation paired with humurous copy all combined to ensure the witty tone that was synonymous with the previous iterations remained.