Merry Maker

2022 Selection

Designed by Eimear Gavin and Deirdre Breen at Manual Made

Website Development: Dave Haughton

Categories: Promotional / Website / Identity / Social Media

Industry: Commercial


In 2022, we had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kate Moylan on her new Christmas brand. With over a decade of experience working as a designer and stylist on film, television, theatre, and events, Kate wanted to offer her clients a premium Christmas experience, with high-end decorations installed by a professional team. We were tasked with naming and creating the visual identity for her new venture, and help develop a clear and unique direction for the brand.

Merry Maker is a name that invokes fun and enthusiasm, and the perfect identifier for the company that brings festivity and merriment to any location. The name is celebratory, approachable, and upbeat. 

We created an identity inspired by the typographic style of traditional Christmas folklore. The ornate counters of the letterforms are nostalgic and curvy, with the uppercase typesetting giving an accessible but modern aesthetic. The arm of the uppercase ‘Y’ is replaced with a star... synonymous with Christmas. A little sparkle to illustrate the festive joy that Merry Maker bring to event styling.

The graphic devices take inspiration from the design motifs found on traditional Christmas toys and decorations, abstracting these shapes and forms and rebuilding them in a modular format to create a series of fun and playful compositions that can be used in a grid or in isolation. These playful elements were utilised throughout the website and on social, with a fresh interpretation of traditional Christmas colours.