Met Hotel


Designed by Garech Stone and Declan Stone at The Stone Twins

Film/Animation: Niels Gerson Lohman

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Hotel


A new hotel concept in Amsterdam West required a name and brand identity to stand out in a hospitality landscape full of bland global brands.

We devised the name ‘Met’ in order to connect with the local community (see dual meaning below), and created a logo composed of different typefaces to celebrate the eclectic mix of local cultures. This mixed typographic style is used throughout the brand identity.

In English, ‘Met’ is the well-known abbreviation for ‘metropolitan’. However, in Dutch ‘Met’ means ‘with’ - and the verbal identity comes alive in everyday Dutch expressions such as ‘Met Plezier’ (with pleasure), ‘Met Complimenten’ (with compliments) and ‘Met Vriendelijke Groet’ (with friendly greetings).

>> Please Note: the uploaded film features many of these Dutch expressions with English subtitles.