Meteor (2011)

2011 Selection

Designed by Brian Nolan, Paul McBride, Sally Caulwell, Evan McGuinness, Stephen McCarthy, Holly Brennan and Billy Brady at Detail. Design Studio

Photography: Matthew Thompson

Motion Graphics: Jonathan Parson

Copywriting: Dave Byrne

Copywriting: Neil Cubley

Categories: Identity / Print / Moving Image / Promotional

Tags: Advertising / Illustration / Icons

Meteor Mobile Communications commissioned us to rebrand their core communications. We worked with an extended brand team — advertising, digital, pr, promotional, direct marketing, & social media — to introduce the new supporting value 'your social network'. We produced guiding principles for all communications material, physical and digital. The project focussed on some of Meteor's core values as well as reaching out to a key demographic. The key outputs included:

— message framework for all applications

— graphic illustration set

— brand photography

— icon set

— website templates

— online brand space and guidelines

— master artwork for all core collateral