Designed by Paul Guinan (Freelance)

Curator: Matt Rettalick

Max Phillips (Signal Foundry): Lettering

Categories: Promotional / Print / Social Media

Industry: Cultural

Tags: History / Design


Various items produced to promote and support, an online depository cataloging examples of modernism found in Irish design between the years 1916 and 1996. The project is run by curator Matt Retallick and has amassed a significant following since launching in 2019.

‘Up Went Nelson’ tea towel recreates the posters seen across Dublin after the bombing of Nelson’s Pillar in 1966. It was produced in an edition of sixty six, which sold out immediately. The lettering is by Max Phillips of Signal Foundry. ‘All That is Solid Melts into Éire’ enamel pin references the type found on Percy Metcalfe’s winning entry to the Coinage Design Committee’s call for submissions, 1926–1928. Other items nod to Ireland’s rich history of modernist design with sources as diverse as Seamus Heaney book covers from the 1960s and Guinness advertising campaigns from the 1980s.