Mountains To Sea Book Festival 2018


Designed by Conor Buckley and Victoria Brunetta at Piquant Media

Photography: Oliver Smith

Categories: Identity

Industry: Civic

Mountains to Sea is a book festival based in the scenic seaside town of Dún Laoghaire. In 2018 Mountains to Sea explored themes of hospitality, home and democracy and challenged audiences, young and old, to connect and shape the world around them. Piquant Media was commissioned to redesign the festival brand identity, festival brochure and to create a range of print and social assets.

We worked with the festival team to create a brand identity that would be reflective of the festival as a space for generating dialogue.

We looked at all aspects of dialogue and communication within and around a book festival. We looked closely at punctuation marks which organise text to give contextual sense and generate interplay between language and the reader. We decided to work with the colon as a strong visual and conceptual representation of the festival’s role in the dialogue and communication between the audience and the authors.

The chosen font combines modernity with classic characteristics that bring authenticity and weight to the festival programming and presentation.