My Chronic Pain Diary


Designed by Ciara Chapman at Freelance

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Tags: Illustration


'Ciara Chapman started ‘My Chronic Pain Diary’ in January 2016 as a form of Art Therapy, to help her cope with the mental and physical toll which Chronic Pain had taken on her and her life. Ciara’s illustrated diary now has over 100 illustrations, each capturing a moment in time through her journey with Chronic Pain. Ciara uses delicate lines and a bright colour palette to balance out the weighty themes of her work-namely the struggle of having an ‘invisible illness’, which can sow seeds of doubt in people’s mind, and can be a very lonely and isolating experience... The most important thing to take away from ‘My Chronic Pain Diary’ is whether you are experiencing physical, mental or emotional pain-you are not alone.'

(This summary of my diary was written by Clare Hartigan, a very talented artist and eloquent writer who I had the pleasure to work with as part of D.I.V.A. at Electric Picnic 2018)

Image titles in order:

1. Invisible Pain: How does nobody see this?

2. Nervember

3. Beyond the Veil (where my pain takes me)

4. Cara Pinn: Pen Friend

5. Determination

6. A week with the blubbs