Names – Identity

2015 Selection

Designed by David Wall, Conor Nolan and Ruby Henderson at WorkGroup

Photography: Al Higgins

Categories: Identity / Promotional

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Art direction / Retail / Craft

Names is a jewellery line, conceived and created by hand in a Dublin city-centre studio. The sixteen-piece collection represents a mix of the skills and personalities of jewellers Clare Grennan and Laura Caffrey of Irish Design Shop.

We worked with Clare and Laura to establish an identity naming approach which naturally lends itself to serialisation — each collection is represented by a group of names. While incorporating a contemporary aesthetic, the jewellery retains the warmth and tactility of the handmade. We used these qualities as touchpoints to express a modular, human and accessible aesthetic that remains desirable.

The logo exists in two complementary states, both optimised for use as jeweller’s marks at tiny sizes. It is played off a bold colour palette, contemporary humanist type treatments and striking product and model photography by Al Higgins.