National Sculpture Factory Website

A new website for the National Sculpture Factory, an extraordinary cultural resource in the heart of Cork City. NSF provides the tools, space, training and practical support for artists to realise large scale artworks, explore and develop new ways of working and to facilitate organisations wishing to commission public art. The primary objective of the new site was to bring the NSF's programme to the public in a clear and accessible format.

The look and feel we chose derives from an abstraction of the existing NSF cube shaped logo. The simplified diamond shape became the entry point to explore the site, which is laid out in plain, rational typography throughout. Particular attention was given to ensuring high legibility and accessible colour contrast. Equally, this rational approach serves to compliment but never compete with the visual artwork being displayed and is intended to stand the test of time.

The website also severs as a functional tool for the NSF. We worked closely with the inhouse team to develop a content management system of interrelate-able content blocks such as artists, exhibitions, workshops and info pages. This allows the team to advertise and document the activities of the factory with ease. Each page is composed using our custom page builder system. Content editors are empowered to quickly create rich media pages including video, interactive content and a custom colour scheme per page.

The new NSF website is living platform, we're excited to see it grow and evolve.