NCAD – Airport Exhibition – NCAD Illuminated


Designed by Bob Gray at Red&Grey

Photography/Editorial: Matthew Thompson

Categories: Environmental / Exhibition / Print

Industry: Cultural / Education

Tags: Art

Creative Journeys is a two-year public art program that brings together Dublin Airport and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD).

The installation entitled ‘NCAD Illuminated’ was designed by Bob Gray (Red&Grey) and Matthew Thompson. Over the last five years they have captured, curated and communicated the working practices and outputs of NCAD students across a diverse range of creative disciplines. The arduous process of editing, distilling and pairing thousands of photographs was undertaken by the duo to truly capture the essence of NCAD inside the gates of Dublin Airport.

The series of colourful vignettes presented of past and present students and their work subtly reference the visual narrative of Harry Clarke, a famous NCAD alumni and Stained Glass artist.