NCAD – Undergraduate Prospectus

2013 Selection

Designed by Bob Gray at Red&Grey

Photographer: Matthew Thompson

Printers: Hudson Killeen

The student is the first concern. That is the philosophy of the National College of Art & Design. The College is a living culture of thinkers, makers and doers who are producing the next generation of creative voices. They are the priority, course details, technical information, etc. are all secondary. This was our starting point when creating the NCAD communication materials.

We sat down with a student from each department in the College and discussed their process, how they evolve their concepts and develop their work. These interviews are the first thing any potential student will see when opening up an NCAD prospectus. Everything else is moved to the back of the book, including Director’s interview, entry requirements and application details. The result is an inclusive communication tool that highlights diverse voices, a unified vision and the ambitious aims of NCAD - as told by the students.

If the student is the priority then to reinforce this we needed asked three hundred students to sign a letter that describes the future of NCAD. This letter along with a copy of the prospectus is then delivered to a wide range of cultural, business, environmental, social and political leaders.