Neither Here Nor There (2012)

2012 Selection

Designed by David Wall and Conor Nolan at WorkGroup

Editor: Richard Seabrooke

Photography: John Midgley

Photography: Kacy Jahanbini

Photography: Malcolm Brown

Photography: Christopher Heaney

Photography: Mac Premo

Photography: David Pauley

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Oliver Jeffers is popularly known as a children’s books author and illustrator. His approach to this work is grounded in a consistently maintained fine art practice.

Neither Here nor There is a monograph which explores this side of his work, framed against Oliver’s relationship with the cities of New York and Belfast, and his collaborations with other artists.

As well as designing the book itself, we also produced a special edition in a hand-made slip case. We also created a very special ‘studio’ edition, delivered in a laser-etched walnut box, and containing a limited edition print.