2016 Selection

Designed by Sinéad McAleer at Slater Design

Photography: JP Keating

Architect: Grainne Weber Architects

Ancient Designer & Interiors Guru : Iain Slater

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural


Network Café on Aungier Street opened its doors in the summer 2016 and we were happy to have been involved in the branding, packaging and interior concept. After much deliberation, the name Network was settled on, the thinking being that Network is about more than the individuals who established it, it is about collaborating with makers and artisans who are excellent at what they do, to create a space where everything has a story. Their aprons we hand crafted by Enrich & Endure using Irish linen, their ceramic cups were created by Derek Wilson Ceramics, and their coffee is sourced from artisan coffee roasters Caravan Coffee and 3fe.

To stand out in a crowded market, the style of the cafe had to be modern and fresh, and unlike anything else in its space. The visual identity was developed from the definition of the word network – an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines – this we felt represented the idea of interconnection and collaboration well. A series of patterns were developed that visually represented a ‘network’, these were then applied to printed collateral, packaging, and expressed in interior elements, their signature criss-cross lighting scheme for example. Aside from this detail, the branding is kept very clean and simple, allowing any collaborating brand to sit comfortably beside it.