New York Times Book Review: Holiday Books (2013)

2013 Selection

Designed by Johnny Kelly at Nexus Productions

Client: New York Times

Art Director: Nicholas Blechman

Director / Designer: Johnny Kelly

Producer: Isobel Conroy

Project Lead, Animator, 3D Rendering: Mark Davies

Animator: Sergei Shabarov

Animator: Michal Firkowski

Animator: Fabrice Fiteni

3D Rendering: Michal Firkowski

3D Rendering: Jeremi Boutelet

3D Modeller: Florent Rousseau

Elliott Kajdan: Compositor

Music & Sound Design: David Kamp

Categories: Editorial


An animation to accompany the New York Times' annual 'Holiday Books' supplement. The idea was to show what books get up to when we step out of the room.

I also made some print illustrations- one for the the cover of the supplement itself and two more inside for cookery and travel.