NewNowNext (2013)

Designed by David Wall, Conor Nolan, Simon Sweeney and Steve O Connell at WorkGroup

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Architecture / Event

NewNowNext is a series of four public talks per year, curated by the Irish Architecture Foundation in collaboration with Arup, revealing current and next generation ideas and architects from across the globe, including Studio Gang, Urban Agency, and Tatiana Bilbao among others.

Beginning in 2013, over three years the series will present to Irish audiences an exciting range of emerging and emerged, dynamic, provocative architectural studios, who are challenging perceptions about the practice of architecture now and into the future, while inspiring and engaging the public along the way.

We created an identity using icons to illustrate the essence behind the project and represent the innovative, contemporary and emerging architectural talent that would be speaking on stage. This was implemented across promotional flyers, email invitations and presentation slides.