No Rational Person

2018 Selection

Designed by Ronan Kelly and Mark Gilligan at RKMG

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography

* Sound on * Volume high *

A conceptual narrative about future forms of typography. Exhibited as part of the Motyf Symposium that took place in Dublin, October 2018.

How will future forms of typography affect information and the ways we engage with it? What will be typographic and what will ‘typographic’ be? The blurring of technology, machines and humans puts us in an ambiguous space, leading to challenging juxtapositions and dualities. How will we distinguish between physical and digital, truth and non-truth, public and private, in a world where we are bombarded with newness at a rate we've never seen before? Boundaries between producer and consumer become blurred, and the cacophony of choice is overwhelming.

How will we identify as individuals and groups? How will new forms of culture affect language, and can we Cmd+Z our mistakes? As technology integrates more with our own biology, how we interface with information changes radically. Our relationship with technology and the role it plays in the everyday becomes truly integral to our physiology and evolution. Does our tech over-connection come with the risk of human disconnection? Are we truly empowered or are we blissfully ignorant of our disempowerment? How do we retain that which makes us us?