Norwegian Presence 2021

2021 Selection

Designed by Evan McGuinness at Bielke+Yang

Art Direction: Martin Yang

Animasjon: Steven Redwood

Art Direction: Anne-Stine Bae/DOGA

Film: Willy Nikkers

Photography: Lasse Fløde

Styling: Live Berg

Digital Platform: Fieldwork

Type design: Bobby Tannam

Categories: Identity / Moving Image / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Photography / Typography / Digital / Art direction / Campaign / Event / Typeface / Motion Design / Exhibition / Animation


Norwegian Presence returned in a radically updated format in 2021, tailored to our new digital reality. Having spent months exploring potential new paradigms for Norway’s flagship international design show, organisers Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) boldly unveiled their new vision for Norwegian Presence as an entirely digital experience.

On 18 February 2021, the first of a series of three half-day online events brought together the best Norwegian designers and manufacturers with leading international design thinkers to explore the ideas, values and aesthetic trends shaping design culture in Norway and beyond. The overarching focus for the Event Series was on the drive towards a circular-design economy, and the environmental and social sustainability inherent in Nordic design infrastructure.

As the exhibition and events all took place digitally we needed to create an immersive, engaging universe that would set Norwegian design a part internationally on digital platforms. The identity is bold, confident and distinct with the intention of marking a shift in how Norwegian designers and manufactures communicate to international markets.

As there was no physical exhibition, in collaboration with Willy Nikkers, Lasse Fløde and Live Berg we created a set of visual assets and interviews that would give viewers an insight to the thinking of the designers and manufacturer as well as their products and mission. This was all connected with through the visual identity we developed using a custom typeface by Bobby Tannam as the core element combined with animation that references the digital nature of this years exhibition.