o9 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

2022 Selection

Designed by Leah Downing and Eric Stynes

Illustration: Amalie Dyrup

Print: Zwaan Lenoir

Head of Studio: Jean-Charles Wundele

Categories: Printed Publication / Print / Identity / Editorial

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Annual report / Illustration / Typography

The o9 Environmental, Social and Governance Report is a comprehensive summary of the organisation's actions and strategies as a leader in the supply chain technology industry. 

The goal of the report was to build on the brand identity, while also engaging employees, clients, partners, investors and academics.

The document needed to be strikingly o9—typeset in the custom typeface o9 Sans, using the primary colour palette of the brand (black and white) and integrating the green from the secondary palette. This is evident through the contrast of the black cover with white foil paired with a glossy green dust jacket.

The content-rich book is assorted into layers to create a hierarchy; columns are indented with margin notes and pull-out quotes; cropped green folios are populated with easily digestible content; and a diverse range of textures are used through carefully selected paper stock and printing techniques such as screen-printing and foiling. 

Alongside a selection of photography and graphs, there are custom illustrations at the end of each chapter to inject colour and contrast, adding a subtle quirk to a data-heavy document.