Obeo (2013)

2013 Selection

Designed by Seán Mongey and Bobby Tannam at a–ok

Client: Kate Cronin

Client: Elizabeth Fingleton

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Website: breakitdown.ie/

To introduce a new product (compostable food waste containers) into the Irish market we were asked by Obeo to design and develop their visual identity. The aims where to avoid the usual clichés associated with products of an “eco-friendly” nature. Textured fonts, rough hand-drawn illustrations and photos of muck, grass, etc where ditched for a crispy clean graphic language backed up with sharp but friendly illustrations and icons.

Another aspect of the brief was to develop a small site informing people about their brown bin and food waste recycling in general. There needed to be a visual connection with Obeo — even though they hadn’t launched their product yet — so people would be somewhat familiar when they eventually saw the product on supermarket shelves.