Omaha Performing Arts Rebrand

2020 Selection

Designed by Ken Deegan and Jack Collins at Pentagram

Designer: Mary Kate Henry

Design Intern: Nicholas Claure

Partner in charge: Eddie Opara

Designer: Xinle Huang

Designer: Paul Yoon

Senior Designer: Jack Collins

Project Manager: Dana Reginiano

Strategist: Saundra Marcel

Strategist Intern: Halle Hewitt

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Rebrand / System / Identity / Brand Identity

The new branding system is designed to inspire a bold, artistic and flexible approach while providing a uniform method of identification. 

The design was inspired by key themes generated through interviews with the Omaha Performing Arts Board, staff, volunteers, donors and patrons. “Our new name and OPA logo are less traditional, more friendly and welcoming, and are designed to generate excitement,” Joan Squires, OPA President said.

Over the past 14 years, OPA has grown from a start-up to now reaching broad audiences through programs and education activities in Omaha and across Nebraska. This is the first comprehensive approach to defining their identity. This branding system will bring programs, sponsors and venues together visually and make them more easily recognized.