2018 Selection

Designed by Kasia Ozmin and Rachel Broaders at Together We Create

James Morrissey: Author

Christina Park: Editor

Rory Hanrahan: Photographer

Kasia Ozmin: Art Director

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Omey – A portrait of an Island.

Omey is a small tidal island off the Connemara coast. Today, there are no full time residents left on the island - as emigration and economics have siphoned families to the mainland and beyond. Crannóg Books and author James Morrissey came to us with a selection of personal stories and ephemera from former inhabitants that formed a touching social history of this special place.

We were inspired by the human stories told in photographs and letters. This flotsam and jetsam of an island culture - and the tides that constantly open and close Omey inspired our approach to the book.

We travelled to the island to photograph the silent changes of the tides and the textures of this magical place. This imagery gave us a visual spine for our story. The shifting indents of the typography throughout the book echo the constant shifting of the shoreline. The ragged left edge of the right-aligned text echoes the encroaching tidelines that defined life here.

Project Scope: Design, Art Direction, Principle Photography