Oolong: The luxury soap collection


Designed by Eleonora Bigi and Luca Amoriello at Nugno

Categories: Packaging / Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Typography / Photography

Oolong is proud to announce its new line of luxury soaps, the “Turkish Rose Collection”. Made with raw ingredients and essential oils to nourish the skin, these handcrafted products are dedicated to promoting the local economy and responsible consumption.

The challenge for us: how could we develop packaging to help more people find “The Oolong collection” in store?

The new brand identity underlines the glamour and intrigue of Oolong. The mix of straight lines and curves brought a sense of calm to the brand. We brought this sense of clarity to all the brand communications – including tone of voice and photography. Using nature-inspired colors, we worked to communicate the true essence of the natural ingredients. The colors of the packaging are derived from the content of the soap’s ingredients (yellow and pink rose petals).