Open House Dublin (2022)

From 2019–2021 we developed a graphic language for Open House Dublin that derived from the shapes of buildings – the house (2019), their volume in space (2020) and Dublin buildings from above (2021). To celebrate the return of a largely in-person programme in 2022 we wanted to reintroduce a human element to the in-person festival. 

Once again we looked to the city for inspiration. We simplified a combination of common and well-known Dublin elevations to create a streetscape that could be cut for static communications and looped in animations. When moving, the overall impression is reminiscent of travelling through the city, from the human perspective. We then asked Ruan van Vliet to create illustrations that would interact with the buildings and bring them to life in a subtle yet whimsical manner. 

The illustrations personified different strands within the OHD programme – Open House junior, walking tours, cycling tours and film screenings. They also reflected the IAF’s emphasis on improving accessibility during the festival which we hope contributed to a feeling of inclusivity & friendliness. 

We designed posters, on-street marketing, social media assets, relevant merchandise and printed postcards. This year we held a web audit in the months preceding the festival to critique the existing user experience. Based on these insights we made a variety of usability and performance improvements which enhanced the overall experience of the user.