Osprey Hotel


Designed by Eva Shortt

Branding Agency: The Pudding

Copywriter: Anne Marie Harrington

Designer: Arlene McLaughlin

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Hotel

Website: thepuddingbrand.com/osprey-hotel/

The Osprey Hotel is a hub of activity just outside of Naas, Co. Kildare. The extensive grounds are home to a unique hotel, bar and restaurant, a luxurious spa, leisure centre and conference centre. The hotel also caters for weddings and events as well as corporate and family packages. Over the last few years however, an array of disparate identities and communication have originated from the hotel and its sub-brands. Osprey Hotel required an identity that would be robust enough to live as a stand alone brand but also flexible enough to align the varying sub-brands within the hotel. The identity needed to be sleek and modern in order to reflect the 4 star status of the hotel, ahead of anticipated refurbishments.

By examining the distinctively unique architecture of the building we identified many different angles and shapes that were characteristic of each facet of the Osprey Hotel. The logo has been specially crafted to reflect the inherent qualities of the Osprey Hotel Brand - “We are not regular in size, shape or character.”

In order to encapsulate the idea that so many things happen in this one location we decided to place these different lines within a shape that represents the Osprey, a circle. This balanced shape is offset by dynamic lines. The Osprey Hotel logo is created from a combination of elements from each of the sub-brand logos. The minimal clean lines of the identity suggest confidence, clarity and direction, also creating a 4 star aesthetic for the brand.