Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread are artisan bakers based in Limerick City, with a deep-rooted respect for their craft and a nose for experimentation. Travelling to markets across the Midwest, they offer classic staples and unexpected culinary delights to satiate their customers' curiosity and appetite. We were tasked with developing a brand identity that could be disruptive in both busy market environments and social media feeds.

We developed a lean, monochromatic brand system that would be easy to operate while still retaining a sense of elegance and visual impact. The logo, a representation of a smiling sun, is a nod to a baker's early morning start. At its core, this is a premium brand that is serious about the art of baking.

To allow for tonal flexibility we developed a range of illustrations, rendered as stickers. The stickers are colourful and often silly but can also be used to highlight specific offerings and act as a novel way to convey the personality and ethos of the brand.