2022 Selection

Designed by James Kelleher at Publicis Dublin

Photography: Leo Byrne

Retouch: Michael Medvedi

Categories: Promotional / Print / Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Photography / Art direction / Theatre / Advertising

Every Fishamble show poster features a portrait of one of the lead actors with their face obscured or masked in some way. For Deirdre Kinahan’s OUTRAGE, we used the play’s recurring motif of fire to suggest the violence and division that runs through the script.

Following the story of two sisters, OUTRAGE is a play that explores the true nature of women’s role in the Irish revolutionary wars and in particular the Civil War in 1922.

The language of fire lights up the script, as an engine of passion, destruction, discord and renewal. These are best embodied in Mary Murray’s character Nell Farrell, “a firebrand, a hothead… drawn into the excitement of revolution like a moth to a flame”, who first meets her tormentor Pat Finney as Castle Saunderson burns to the ground.