OVER Journal issue 1

2020 Selection

Designed by Angel Luis Gonzalez Fernandez at PhotoIreland

Co-Editor: Julia Gelezova

Co-Editor: Ángel Luis González Fernández

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Photography / Visual art / Art direction / Publishing / Art

Website: overjournal.org

OVER Journal is a new periodical publication and online platform that proposes its readers a more wholesome, honest, and critical observation and enjoyment of Photography. Publishing commissioned texts and artworks alongside interviews and opinion pieces, it aims to create the ideal channel for an open and global discussion about the context in which the discipline sits, and not just about the output of artists, exhibiting venues, and publishing houses.

The publication format was informed by our experience as booksellers, as much as by the knowledge acquired over the last decade on publishing for and by the cultural sector. The format merges the academic journal and the portfolio magazine, presenting poignant and current reflections on contemporary issues and arts practices.

The identity depicts an irreverent but well informed attitude, while the structure segregates a sharp and unobstructed essay section that progresses into lush visual content.

OVER Journal issue 1 was launched during lockdown 1, got global distribution in lockdown 2, and secured support for the next two issues from the Arts Council of Ireland in lockdown 3.  

Designed and printed in Ireland.