OVER Journal issue 2

A project by PhotoIreland, OVER Journal launched its first issue in July 2020, and its second issue in July 2021. It has enjoyed a growing interest reaching rapidly all corners of the global market, from Zurich to Los Angeles. Now, issue 2 continues a poignant conversation with writers and thinkers around core issues that affect the arts while presenting a succulent and eclectic selection of artistic practices from all continents. 

Co-editors Aidan Kelly Murphy, Julia Gelezova, Ángel Luis González.

Featured Artists Hoda Afshar, Lewis Bush, Jean Curran, Irene Antonia Diane Reece, Audrey Gillespie, Kelvin Haizel, Iris Hassid, Federica Landi, Roberto Tondopó, Bindi Vora.

Featured Writers Julie Chun, Anna Ehrenstein, Orla Fitzpatrick, Yvette Hamilton, Aidan Kelly Murphy, Camille Lévêque, Dónal Talbot, Sue Rainsford, Rashi Rajguru, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh, Duncan Wooldridge.

Cover Image Jean Curran, The Vertigo Project. Alfred Hitchcock, Vertigo, and the images of Alfred Hitchcock are trademarks and likeness rights of Alfred Hitchcock, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Back Cover Image Rafał Milach and the Archiwum Protestow Publicznych.

Designed by Ángel Luis González

Set in ABC Diatype and Burgess Pro Printed on Munken Lynx Rough 90 gsm 1.4, Arctic Volume White 115 gsm. Cover on Rives Design Bright White 170 gsm

With the support of the Arts Council of Ireland.

Published by PhotoIreland

256 pages


650 grams

Layflat Softcover

ISBN 9781916140424

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