Pathetic Fallacy

2021 Selection

Designed by Kate Brangan at National College of Art and Design

Designer: Anh Ngo

Designer: Ava McEntee

Designer: Caoimhe Fitzsimons

Designer: Carol Lewis

Designer: Cian Redmond

Designer: Éimear O’Keane

Designer: Embla Müller

Designer: Hannah MacArtain

Designer: Hannah McKenna

Designer: Henrik Øiestad Myrvold

Designer: Simone Stolz

Designer: Tom Davis

Printer: Dropout Press

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Self-initiated

We met in the wind. We collected artefacts, feelings, moments, sound and thoughts in the woods that were still wet from the rain the night before. We worked in shelter. We talked and reflected about the outside, we played and experimented inside. Pathetic Fallacy is the manifestation of one week of collective work about, in, and around the weather.

Conceived and designed by 12 participants from the Department of Communication Design at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Pathetic Fallacy is a collaborative Risograph printed book that explores relationships to nature and shares personal stories that spread from memories to memory, places to spaces, and shelter to the wild.

The publication was featured at the Dublin Art Book Fair 2021.