Designed by Adam Gallacher and Nik Dillon at Alkamee

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Payzone is an Irish fintech company that provides payment solutions and more to B2C and B2B customers. Its B2B brand primarily focuses on the telecoms, utility, transport and finance sectors and is highly regarded as a trusted provider with large banks and utility companies. It also provides value-added services to SMEs in various sectors where it acts as a consumer-facing brand making it easy for those consumers who prefer a face to face transaction.

Payzone engaged us to examine their brand architecture and strategic path to the future, build a brand platform that would unite and focus them going forward, and create a new visual identity that would energise all their communications.

After careful interrogation of the sector, we realised that the World of payments was changing rapidly. Payzone could no longer be fragmented and invisible; they needed to be united. One brand with multiple touchpoints enabling people in business and life; we defined their position as "We are reimagining seamless transactions by creating the best customer experience imaginable." We externalised this with the purpose 'Experience is Everything' as we wanted them to start seeing beyond the payment to the broader World they enabled.

We then set about creating a new flexible identity system. The previous identity system came in only one format, was hard to read at more minor scales and didn't adapt from medium to medium. We created a new monogram based on the concept that they were the line connecting people, the invisible link that enabled people to park, pay, process and plan. We kept the original pink but built a revitalised palette sympathetic to it to support it. Patterns and illustrations add further dimension and allow us to talk about the abstract and hidden with energy and vitality. These are the building blocks of where Payzone needs to go next.