2014 Selection

Designed by Seán Mongey and Robert Farrelly at Post Studio

Client: Pete Brundle

Client: Patrick Campbell

Website Design & Development: PDA

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Website: studiopda.com.au

Extremely talented Melbourne-based designers/developers Pete Brundle and Patrick Campbell asked us to name as well as create an identity for their new joint venture as a web design and development practice. Through several rounds of ideas collectively we settled on ‘PDA’, a reference to the early 90s Personal Digital Assistant. As PDA design and develop digital products and platforms for a broad range of devises they felt the name taken within the context of what they do had potential.

We developed a bare bones kit of graphical parts which constituted their identity. In the same manner as the name we reappropriated and reconstructed a classic display face ‘Glaser Stencil’, removing the stencilling to give them a robust , unique typeface as the foundation for their identity.